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Live Healthy West Virginia

Ep. 6 - Geriatric Medicine: Helping You Age Gracefully and Healthfully


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    Kidney disease is among the leading causes of death for West Virginians. It’s known as the silent disease because there are usually no symptoms early on, so most don’t even know they have kidney disease.

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  • Ep. 4 - Cancer Prevention

    A recent global study indicates cancer rates have surged 80 percent in three decades among adults under 50. What’s causing this alarming increase in middle-aged cancer diagnoses, and what can be done to reverse this trend?

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    Ozempic, Wegovy, Monjouro, Zepbound – chances are you probably know someone who’s using one of these injectable weight-loss drugs. A recent large-scale study sponsored by the makers of Wegovy found the drug not only helped with weight loss, but also cut the risk of heart attack, cardiac-related d...