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Clips & Interviews
  • Coach Mark Kellogg: "Be you, align with us."

    Tonight on Sportsline, Tony shares a clip from the latest 3 Guys Before the Game podcast where they were joined by WVU Women's Basketball coach Mark Kellogg. Coach Kellogg looked back on the season and talked about Power Five officiating, recruiting after their standout performance against Iowa, ...

  • Roger Hanshaw with updates on the situation with the Hopemont case

    House Speaker Roger Hanshaw talks with Hoppy Kercheval about the dust-up over the cancellation of a Legislative Oversight Committee meeting this week that was scheduled to take up issues related to the death of an elderly man at Hopemont State Hospital in Preston County

  • Ryan Schmelz on potential ousting of Mike Johnson

    Ryan Schmelz speaks with Hoppy Kercheval about House Speaker Mike Johnson being in the hot seat as the House prepares to vote on funding for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan

  • Jack Jarvis on the federal court decision in the Becky Pepper-Jackson case

    The Becky Pepper-Jackson case has spurred debate after the federal court’s ruling. Jack Jarvis with Fairness West Virginia joins Hoppy Kercheval to weigh in with support for the court’s ruling

  • Leslie Rubin on a Boone county child neglect case

    A Boone County mother is being charged in her 14-year-old daughter's death after her emaciated body was found. Leslie Rubin, WCHS TV, joins Hoppy Kercheval to give the rest of the story and discuss potential failings that led to the child’s death.

  • Brad McElhinny on Mayorkas, IDD waiver program, and campaign finance

    Brad McElhinny joins Hoppy Kercheval to break down Manchin and Capito’s split vote on the impeachment trial for Mayorkas, and the Governor’s comments and additional insight on the IDD waiver program.

  • Albert Wright with the announcement of WVU Medicine $400 million expansion

    A new $400 million expansion is in the works at WVU Health Systems including a new building for the Eye Institute as well as expansions in Bluefield and Elkins. Albert Wright, President and CEO of WVU Health Systems joins Hoppy Kercheval to shed light on more details about these huge updates.

  • Congresswoman Carol Miller on the issues of today

    Foreign aid spending bills, the future of Mike Johnson, U.S. position on Israel/Iran, Mayorkas impeachment, and the TikTok bill- West Virginia First District Congresswoman Republican Carol Miller joins Hoppy Kercheval to discuss many ongoing issues.

  • Neal Brown with WVU Football injury updates

    Following today's Spring Practice, WVU Head Coach Neal Brown answered questions from the media. Tonight on Sportsline, Tony and Greg hear an update on currently injured Mountaineers, and look to what the impact could be in the Fall.

  • Patrick Morissey on transgender legislation dispute

    The Federal Appeals Court ruled that a WV law banning transgender girls from participating in girls athletic teams violated the rights of a middle school track and cross country runner. West Virginia Attorney General and Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Patrick Morrisey joins today's episode of...

  • Jeff Jenkins with update on the 14-year-olds who murdered a teenage store clerk

    One of two 14-year-old boys charged in connection with the Jan. 30 murder of a tobacco store clerk in North Charleston will be tried as an adult as part of a tentative plea deal with prosecutors. Jeff Jenkins joins Talkline with Hoppy Kercheval to reveal more details.

  • Brad McElhinny on overturned transgender legislation

    Metronews' Brad McElhinny has been following the story of the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals' overturning the decision to not allow a transgender track and cross country runner to compete in West Virginia. He joined Talkline with Hoppy Kercheval to dissect the ruling and what is in store for the...

  • WCHS' Kennie Bass on Tyke Hunt story

    "Hiding behind 'it's a personnel issue' is just cowardly." Kennie Bass of WCHS TV joins today's episode of Talkline with Hoppy Kercheval to dissect the Tyke Hunt controversy.

  • Fox News' Ryan Schmelz on Mayorkas impeachment & Speaker Johnson vote

    A busy day in the nation's capitol as Sec. of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas faces impeachment hearings, as well as the potential removal of another Speaker of the House. Ryan Schmelz joins Talkline to dig in on how this could all play out.

  • WVU Golf Coach Sean Covich following Mountaineer Invitational win

    Following their whopping 28-stroke win at the Mountaineer Invitational, WVU Golf Coach Sean Covich joined tonight's episode of Sportsline to talk the team's success at their only home event, the new practice facility, and Tony and Brad being the starters today at Pete Dye golf Club.

  • Tonya J. Powers with updates on the Trump trial

    Tonya J. Powers of Fox News Radio joins Hoppy Kercheval to expand on the jury selection and motion on the gag order against former President Donald Trump.

  • Brad McElhinny on funding for social services

    Brad McElhinny joins Hoppy Kercheval to discuss WV Lawmakers wanting to know what is going on with funding for human and social services in the state.

  • Dr. Karim Ibrahim with tips welcoming allergy season

    Spring is here, and with it comes allergies for many West Virginians. Dr. Karim Ibrahim, a Primary Care Physician with Mon Health, speaks with Hoppy Kercheval about allergy season.

  • Kristy Ritz on the special session due to childcare issues

    Difficulties with childcare have spurred a call for a special session of the legislature. Kristy Ritz, Executive Director of West Virginia Association for Young Children, joins Hoppy Kercheval to explain why and the challenges being faced.

  • Jared Halpern on Biden’s campaign, Trump’s trial

    Jared Halpern of Fox News Radio joins Hoppy Kercheval to give more details on Biden’s swing campaign and Trump’s ongoing trial.

  • Shannon Snodgrass on how the Tyke Hunt situation is being handled

    Giving a more critical take on the current standing of the Tyke Hunt situation, Charleston City Council member Shannon Snodgrass joins Hoppy Kercheval to give her criticism.

  • Howard Monroe on the new homeless camp in Wheeling

    Details about a new homeless camp setup in Wheeling are revealed by Howard Monroe, WVLY in Wheeling, who joins Hoppy Kercheval to give insight on how the camp is working out and what lies ahead.

  • Danny Jones helps understand the Tyke Hunt story

    Understanding the details of the Tyke Hunt story and whether or not he should be fired, Former Charleston Mayor Danny Jones joins Hoppy Kercheval to break down more of the nuance around Tyke Hunt’s ongoing situation.

  • Tony and Greg hear clips from WVU TE Coach Blaine Stewart's press conference

    "That's a really rare combination, maybe the most difficult combo to find in all of football." Tony and Greg hear clips from WVU TE Coach Blaine Stewart's press conference and talk WVU Tight Ends on tonight's episode of Sportsline.